Ford massively recalls Super Duty pickups

Ford massively recalls Super Duty pickups

December 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Another service company, which was announced by the American brand Ford, affected 490,574 copies of Super Duty trucks. The problem is a possible fire in the event of a car collision – seat belt pretensioners can spark very much and set fire to the interior.

When it comes to service companies that are called upon to correct a particular malfunction in the produced cars, car manufacturers must quickly figure out how to fix their mistakes in the shortest possible time and at the same time lose as little money as possible. We must pay tribute to the American engineers, they all managed to find a way out in a fairly short time.

To correct a mistake in the serial production of full-size Super Duty pickups, they decided to use … a strong adhesive tape. And that’s how they intend to fight the possibility of a fire.

It was decided to use Scotch tape by the developers of HVAC (an automobile system that is responsible for heating, ventilation and air conditioning) in order to help fix and isolate absolutely all ducts in all systems that are responsible for temperature control. Yes, yes, it is with this tool that the problem will be fixed in all 490,574 problematic full-size Ford Super Duty pickups.

 The service company, which was initiated by Ford, is associated with the risk of fire associated with seat belt pretensioners located in B-pillars. These pretensioners eliminate all slack in the seat belt when a car is involved in an accident and work together with the front airbags to ensure the safety of passengers. Recent research results show that these very pretensioners produce a large number of sparks that can set fire to insulation materials and fleece on the inside of the truck. The published document states that the above problem may be related to the full-size trucks of the company, starting with the F-250 and ending with the F-550, which were built between October 8, 2015 and October 29, 2019.

 To reduce the risk of fire, Ford dealers remove sound insulation around the seat belt pretensioner and use foil to cover the edge of the truck carpet. This carpet will then be covered with plastic linings. A smart solution for quickly repairing nearly half a million trucks.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that Ford received a patent for the opening “radiator grille”. A similar technical solution can be applied on an electric pickup based on F-150.