Ford made a projection display with a coating of photolens

Ford made a projection display with a coating of photolens

July 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Ford has introduced a new projection display, which for the first time will be equipped with models for the European market. It features an increased brightness, a wide viewing angle and a multi-layer coating, like the lens of camera lenses. The first display will receive the Ford Focus of the new generation.

The Ford projection display is a combined unit with a separate screen made of polycarbonate. It is coated with a multi-layer “antireflection” coating that removes glare from both surfaces of the glass and improves the light transmission. Therefore, the picture on the projection display can be seen even in sunglasses with polarizing lenses.

“Sunglasses with polarizing properties can be a real salvation for a driver suffering from glare, which can appear on water, snow, and even asphalt, and improve visibility. The projection display, which is the first to receive the new Ford Focus, is one of the brightest of the existing ones, it has one of the largest viewing angles and is perfectly visible in all conditions”, – notes Glen Gould, chief engineer of the Focus project.

Ford Focus fourth generation introduced in April. It was the first Ford model built on the C2 platform. The lineup of the engines of the novelty consists of gasoline turbo-motors of the EcoBoost family and EcoBlue diesel engines, which can be combined with a six-speed manual transmission or a new eight-speed automatic transmission with the adaptive shift function and a rotary “washer”.

The list of equipment of the new Ford Focus includes active aerodynamic blinds in the grille, adaptive shock absorbers, a system for switching the modes of motion and adaptive head optics with the function of predictive brightness and shape of the light beam.