Ford launched the production of hospital gowns

Ford launched the production of hospital gowns

April 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Reusable medical gowns are sewn from material for airbags.

Detroit auto manufacturing facilities are currently closed due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, but not every plant is shut down. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles produces up to one million masks per month, which will be donated to hospitals and first aid services in the United States and, ultimately, around the world.

General Motors Expands Fan Production With Ventec Medical Equipment Provider And Ford also produces fans and more.

In a press release today, Ford announced that it also manufactures respirators, face masks and hospital gowns, the latest of which are made from multi-purpose materials for airbags. The company partnered with Beaumont Health in Detroit to design, and with the support of supplier Joyson Safety Systems, 1.3 million reusable bathrobes will eventually be made.

“The need to protect our medical teams has been enhanced – Ford clothing production could not come at a better time during this crisis. Our leading healthcare providers work around the clock to treat patients with COVID-19, and we need the right materials to support them, ”said David Clays, President of Beaumont Health Hospitals in Dearborn and Farmington Hills, MI.

Meanwhile, the Van Dyke, Michigan automobile factory was refitted to produce face masks. Using a clean ISO class 8 room in a factory, 30 paid volunteers will start making medical masks. 80 paid volunteers will eventually join the work as production increases.

A little further south, next to the Flat Rock automaker’s assembly plant, with the help of 3M, a new powerful air purifier is launched. Once everything is installed, it will be possible to manufacture 100,000 respirators.

“We knew that in order to play our part in the fight against coronavirus, we had to go damn fast and join forces with experts like 3M to expand the production of much-needed medical equipment and supplies. In just three weeks, within the framework of the Apollo project, we released our world-class talent in production, procurement and design in order to get rid of unnecessary troubles and begin to produce personal protective equipment and help increase the availability and production of fans, ”said Jim Baumbik, vice President of Ford Enterprise Product Line Management.