Ford Kuga tests powerful Argo AI autonomous driving LIDAR sensor

Ford Kuga tests powerful Argo AI autonomous driving LIDAR sensor

May 9, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

LIDAR technology has become one of the keys to autonomous driving. Argo AI has introduced a new sensor capable of detecting objects at a distance of up to 400 meters.

The key to autonomous driving is an arsenal of technologies capable of providing drivers with complete information in all driving conditions. Ultrasonic sensors are still very limited. But the new generation lidars use laser beams, so they turned out to be more effective. They can work in the most adverse weather conditions. For example, into the fog.

Argo AI has developed a new high-resolution LIDAR sensor that operates at a maximum distance of 400 meters and with a 360ยบ panoramic view. His work is so accurate that he can detect objects on unlit roads with just one particle of light. The sensor is ready for immediate adaptation from the darkest scene to the brightest light. For example, at the exit of a tunnel.

The LIDAR sensor can also see the smallest objects, static or moving, including animals within its reach. They distinguish between vehicles painted in darker colors. All of these skills will make autonomous driving safer.

The sophisticated technology is already being tested in a prototype fleet that ply the roads of six US cities: Miami, Austin, Washington, Pennsylvania, Michigan and California. Cars with new sensors will also be tested in Europe during 2021. This technology will be produced globally as Volkswagen and Ford use the Argo Self-Driving System platform.

The German brand will be the first to put the new autonomous system on the Volkswagen ID electric car. Then the Buzz minivan will be similarly equipped, which will debut next year. Volkswagen will offer a 4th level of functionality, which we will have to wait until 2025.