Ford is preparing another crossover similar to the revived Bronco

Ford is preparing another crossover similar to the revived Bronco

April 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It is known that the American novelty will receive a higher ground clearance, a more compact appearance and a more straightforward windshield. According to a company representative, the novelty will be shown in about six months.

A couple of months ago, the Ford brand announced that a small version of the revived Bronco SUV will be built on a modular platform, on which the Escape and Focus 2020 crossover model year is built. In a recent interview, Howe Tai-Tan, Ford’s executive vice president of product development, confirmed this news.

According to him, a small SUV based on the Escape compact crossover is already under development, and the official presentation of the car will take about six months.

Mr Tai-Tan said that the off-road novelty does not yet have a name. He described the car as “having a higher ground clearance, a more square body and a vertically positioned windshield.” That such a car will be the younger brother of the revived Bronco SUV. Tai-Tang added that the nameless new product will share its platform with the Escape crossover and Focus.

“We want to separate the Escape crossover and our“ baby Bronco ”in appearance if the first one gets a very sleek, dynamic, more progressive exterior, but the second one stands out due to its more vertical, square shape,” said Tai-Tan.

 In conclusion, Mr. Tai-Tan noted that the Escape crossover was originally designed for easy off-road – this is 100% urban crossover.