Ford is preparing a special edition of the next-generation Bronco SUV?

Ford is preparing a special edition of the next-generation Bronco SUV?

March 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

March 16 this year, representatives of the American brand Ford registered a new trademark with the European Patent Office. Apparently we can expect a special version of the Bronco SUV, but so far there are very few details.

In early March, the Italian-American concern Fiat Chrysler Automobiles registered several strange names – Wolftrak, Orange Peelz. Obviously, we are talking about special editions of a crossover or even an SUV. Then, on March 16, Ford filed a document filing a new Wolftrak trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. What can a new trade name be used for? It is noteworthy that Ford already uses a very similar designation in some markets around the world. For example, the Ranger in the Wildtrak version is an exclusive performance of the popular medium-sized truck, which adds special graphics and various aesthetic components, other rims and a radiator grill to its body.

 Thus, we can assume that a completely new generation of the Ford Bronco SUV may receive a special version of Wolftrak in the future.

The revived Bronco is likely to be sold around the world, and will certainly receive many different designs with flashy names. There is also the possibility that the new Wolftrak version may be reserved for the North American version of the SUV.

Since the debut of Bronco, and accordingly the start of its sales, will take place rather soon, it can be assumed that the performance of Wolftrak may be offered for purchase, as they say, in the “first couple”. The SUV goes on sale in 2021.