Ford is opposed to dealers lower prices for Mustang Mach-E electric crossover

Ford is opposed to dealers lower prices for Mustang Mach-E electric crossover

December 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to the letter that made up the American brand’s manual for its dealers, the latter are not allowed to advertise an electric crossover below the recommended retail price.

When a completely new car from a world famous brand appears on the market, car manufacturers often have to deal with such an effect that the dealers who sell the cars of these companies themselves try to cash in on the hype around the new car – they simply inflate the price of a car. Sometimes manufacturers even take steps to try to prevent this. Ford’s leadership’s decision to name its new electric crossover the legendary Mustang name, for which the sports coupe has been known for many years, has already caused controversy among brand fans, but now the automaker is obviously taking another strange step, telling its dealers not to declare prices SUV below the established mark. However, as you would expect, things got a little more complicated.

At the disposal of the foreign publication was a newsletter that Ford representatives sent to their dealers. This document talked about pricing for the Mach-E crossover.

 The idea is not to allow dealers to make their own crossover margins. Ford’s goal is to be a more competitive electric vehicle manufacturer by pricing its cars based on customer wishes.

 What does this mean? In dealerships of all brands it is customary to advertise new cars at discounts, which, nevertheless, may not be available to all buyers. Thus, some misunderstandings can often occur when buyers visit a dealership in the hope of buying a new car at a low price, which was advertised, but in fact discover that a car actually costs significantly more.

 By requiring its dealers not to advertise electro-crossover prices below the MSRP mark (manufacturer-recommended retail price), Ford seems to want the opposite for the Mach-E crossover. Buyers will go to dealerships, and instead of getting higher numbers, they will be pleasantly surprised, because the car can be bought at a more attractive price. In any case, it should be so in theory.