Ford is developing a completely new model

Ford is developing a completely new model

December 12, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

Ford shared the details of his first fully autonomous car.

UAV is intended for commercial use, it will receive a hybrid installation, details of which have not yet been provided. As stated in the Ford, the novelty will turn out to be completely original model and will differ in the special strength of the design. The car can be on the road 20 hours a day.

“We are developing a completely new car, optimized for autonomous driving and adapted to the needs of customers who will use it. We are confident that the comprehensive optimization of the car, technology and user experience will make our business unique in the conditions when we begin to cooperate with leading companies such as Lyft in the transportation of people and goods, “commented Jim Farley, Executive Vice President and Vice- president of Ford for global markets.

When creating a UAV, the company will apply the experience gained in the development of commercial and special vehicles – from vans Ford Transit to heavy pick-up trucks Super Duty and police cars. The novelty will have reinforced brakes, wheels and a body – according to the manufacturer, this will allow it to withstand long-term operation in conditions of active commercial use.

“In Ford, it is believed that commercial vehicle will be on the road for about 20 hours a day. And that’s why the company made a choice in favor of a hybrid, not a purely electric car, which would need multiple stops for recharging. In addition, the possibility of generating energy on board allows you to provide power to computer systems and multiple sensors of an unmanned vehicle, virtually without affecting the range of its mileage, ” – the company noted.

Pilot programs for the use of new Ford in real conditions will start next year.