Ford is actively testing the revived Bronco SUV

Ford is actively testing the revived Bronco SUV

June 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The guys from the YouTube channel The Fast Lane Car published a video showing a prototype of a Ford Bronco, an American mid-size SUV, which must be said to have rather strange proportions.

There is no doubt that the revived Bronco is still in the early stages of testing, because he is still wearing the Ford Ranger pickup. A strange, super-short cargo platform is installed at the rear, closed with the same short lid. This prototype also has a cape that covers the view of the rear suspension, and this is a very effective coating, although we have not seen anything like this in previous similar shots of this car.

 Test prototype of the revived SUV undergoes early tests

Judging by the sound that made this prototype engine, it can be assumed that there was a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine from the same Ranger pickup under the hood. It is reported that a prototype of the long-awaited news was seen on the highway leading to Colorado (USA). One exhaust pipe is clearly visible, as well as the taillights, which were taken from the current Ranger.

  The prototype was caught above 3657 meters above sea level (in the mountains of Colorado), so, apparently, the engineers of the American brand carried out some altitude tests. Separately, it is worth noting that these “spy” videos are the best kind of revived Ford Bronco SUV at the moment, but there is still a lot of time left before the official presentation of a production car. It is expected that a larger version of this car will not appear until 2021, and a smaller version of the SUV may be shown next year.

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