Ford invited children to paint the new Bronco and F-150

Ford invited children to paint the new Bronco and F-150

July 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

You need to build brand loyalty from a young age. And the guys from Ford came up with an interesting way.

The first half of the summer turned out to be eventful for the followers of old Henry: in June, the guys rolled out a new generation of the Ford F-150 pickup. And last week they made the whole automotive world talk about themselves, presenting the revived family of the Bronco SUV. But the surprises were not over!

The third summer premiere of “Blue Oval” was a developmental book telling about the line and philosophy of the company in a language that kids can understand. In addition to a number of drawings that young car enthusiasts are invited to paint on their own, the pages contain many puzzles: from a “magic square” to an amusing maze with illustrations on the theme of capming tourism.

Of course, Ford did not miss the opportunity to once again promote fresh models: among other drawings there is the “junior” Bronco Sport (in the coloring the SUV plays the role of beach rescuers’ technique), as well as the giant F-150 with a cartoonish double supercharging. Will this way of popularizing the brand in the eyes of the “youth” work? Why not.