Ford has updated the compact sedan Ford Escort

Ford has updated the compact sedan Ford Escort

January 19, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Although Ford supplied Escort to Europe in addition to its successor Focus until 2000, when the Focus was launched in 1998, it became clear that the Escort model name would soon disappear in this part of the world. However, the Ford Escort is available in China and will be updated for the second time.

Almost 8 years have passed since Ford unveiled the Escort concept in Shanghai, a preview of Ford’s new compact sedan that has revived the now-gone Escort model name. It was not clear what exactly Ford was up to. After all, the brand already had Fiesta and Focus sedans offered in various markets, although car brands have never been afraid to enrich the Chinese market with a model that overpowers existing models. A year after the launch of the Escort concept, Ford launched a production version of the new Escort in China. Now it is undergoing a major reconstruction.

This is the second time the Ford Escort has been visually refreshed. When Ford unveiled a new sedan version of the current Focus in China in 2018, the Escort received a “new face”. Despite the fact that the Escort has since become more like the Fiesta, it has little in common with this model, since inside the Escort is the technical component of the Focus II. In a way, the restyling brings it closer to the Focus.

The modified Ford Escort, which can already be seen in images that have appeared in the PRC, will have a front fascia that resembles that of the current Focus, specially updated for the Chinese market. The similarities can be seen in the rear thanks to the appearance of other lights and a wider chrome strip that connects both blocks. The updated Ford Escort is likely to be released in Shanghai in April.