Ford has published prices for the exclusive coupe Mustang Bullitt

Ford has published prices for the exclusive coupe Mustang Bullitt

May 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to official data, the sports coupe Mustang Bullitt 2020 model year will need to pay $ 1,215 more than the previous version of the model.

Ford price updates are becoming more frequent lately, with new prices for the Ford Escape crossover and the Ford Mustang sports coupe in the high-performance EcoBoost High Performance Package. The start of sales of the latter is scheduled for the coming hours.

Now we are revealing new prices on the Mustang coupe. That’s just this time for the limited edition of the Bullitt 2020 model year. If you are looking to reduce prices from the manufacturer, you will be very disappointed.

First, tell about this exclusive performance cars . In the last century, the legendary movie Bullitt starring Steve McQueen appeared on the screen. He became famous for his ten-minute car chase scene on the streets of San Francisco. The protagonist Frank Bullitt on a dark green coupe Ford Mustang pursues two killers, hiding in a car Dodge Charger.

It is reported that the new Mustang Bullitt has risen in price by $ 1,215, with the result that the initial price for the new product is $ 48,905. In the performance of the Bullitt, the engine power of the sports coupe rises by 20 hp. thanks to changes in the intake system and reconfiguration of the 5.0-liter V8. Now he develops a total power of 480 horsepower. The car also receives a special “package” of appearance, which includes the iconic shade of Dark Highland Green with minimal marking, as well as some branded exterior elements.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that Ford published the prices for the Escape 2020 model crossover.