Ford has patented smartphone-based steering technology.

Ford has patented smartphone-based steering technology.

October 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Ford Motor Company was granted a patent by US leaders for a specially developed system, called “Non-autonomous Steering Controls”.

The system has two modes of operation, each of which allows you to work wirelessly via a mobile phone. The operating parameters of the system at this point in time are classified.

Experts say that the system will make it easier to manage your cars, understanding what actions need to be carried out in time.

Using the system allows access to vehicle control through applications such as an accelerometer and gyroscope. Install them will not be most modern smartphones.

About the introduction of the system into vehicles is not mentioned yet, since first of all it is necessary to draw up all the legal and technical nuances, as well as to finalize the program to automatism.