Ford has learned to tell drivers about going to the “counter”

Ford has learned to tell drivers about going to the “counter”

August 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Ford introduced a new active safety system called Wrong Way Alert. The function is designed to warn drivers about going to the oncoming traffic.

“The consequences of such a mistake can be terrifying. Tired, entangled in traffic signs or disoriented by poor visibility due to bad weather drivers can make a mistake with the turn – and suddenly find that they exposed themselves and other people on the highway of the most serious danger, “explained the engineer-developer of driver assistance systems from the European division of Ford Yan Gesten.

The Wrong Way Alert system is based on the recognition of traffic signs, on-board navigator data and a video camera installed under the windshield. If the driver passes between two signs “the passage is forbidden”, the electronics will notify him with a special sound signal, and also will display a graphic warning on the instrument panel.

The first model for which the Wrong Way Alert system will become available will be the Focus of the fourth generation. European sales of new items will start in the late summer of 2018.

Earlier it was reported that the new “Focus” will also receive the function of recognizing potholes, which will soften the ride on broken roads. The new feature, which is part of the optional adaptive shock absorber system, uses 12 high-precision sensors that can detect potholes before the car hits them.

In this case, the electronics will automatically transfer the corresponding shock absorber to maximum rigidity, which will prevent the wheel from getting too deep into the pothole.