Ford has expanded the color palette for the supercar Ford GT

Ford has expanded the color palette for the supercar Ford GT

July 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American automaker decided to add style to the 2021 supercar model year. Now the body of the Ford GT can be decorated in new contrasting color schemes. This design favorably emphasizes all the advantages of a supercar.

Ford has prepared a new graphics package for the 660-horsepower supercar Ford GT 2021. This Ford model is called one of the most spectacular and stylish among the entire model range of the brand.

Now, the automaker added colors to him with the help of new color schemes: there are three in all, and they were all declassified in Ford’s official twitter account. This is a Ford GT in a rich red tint, darker than the current Liquid Red color for a Ford GT. As well as supercars in blue and white “livery.” These two colors are also different from the ones available today Liquid Blue and Frozen White.

The new design also implies a contrast on the exterior mirror housings, side air intakes of the engine, etc.

Recall that already from the 2020 model year, the American supercar receives Akrapovic titanium exhaust, an improved EcoBoost turbo engine and a couple of original styling packages. The efficiency of the power unit was increased from 656 hp to 669 hp.