Ford has developed a fuel saver

Ford has developed a fuel saver

March 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

With EcoGuide, fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 12 percent.

The rules of fuel economy are obvious to everyone: the softer and less pressed the gas pedal, the less gasoline is consumed. Fuel consumption is influenced not only by acceleration, but also by braking: too much loss of speed leads to the need to increase it.

    “Everyone had to suddenly slow down, if the turn was steeper than expected, and then accelerate again. EcoGuide will help avoid such situations by saving fuel, time and increasing driver calm, ”says Michael McDona, Chief Technical Officer of the Transit global program at Ford of Europe.

Based on these two findings, Ford has developed a new system and introduced it on a commercial vehicle. She, giving advice to the driver, helps to save fuel due to properly calculated braking. In this case, the system, called EcoGuide, takes into account the traffic situation and foresees the need for braking in advance, making it smooth.

To anticipate the situation on the road, the new system uses satellite navigation, with the help of which it “sees” crossroads, inclines, turns, and speed limits in the areas ahead. In addition, EcoGuide analyzes the driving style of the person behind the wheel. On the basis of the data obtained, an analysis takes place, the results of which are displayed in the form of prompts on the monitor of the instrument panel. At the end of the trip, the system provides a report on the degree of efficiency of driving.

The first cars equipped with the new system will be the Ford Transit, Transit Custom and Tourneo Custom models. A new option will appear in the list of equipment of these machines in the middle of 2019.