Ford has developed a convenient dog cage. In the trunk!

Ford has developed a convenient dog cage. In the trunk!

February 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Ford does not get tired of surprising with novelties. Among the latter – a comfortable dog house. And the four-legged is comfortable, and the salon remains unaccounted for!

Engineer Ford Rene Burns was inspired to create a new device own dog Emil. He was his first tester.

For Burns, creating a special cargo compartment for a large dog in the new Ford Focus wagon was a real challenge, because he himself owns a three-year-old Australian Shepherd.

Creating a booth-cage, a team of engineers modified the ceiling lining and changed the length of the hinge bolts. Thus, a space for a large dog cage was created.

The result: in the wagon Ford Focus, even the Irish Wolfhound, one of the largest dog breeds in the world, can feel comfortable and safe.

For many people, dogs are part of the family. But while now almost everyone clips on in the car, the safety of pets is often neglected. Although dogs that move freely in a vehicle, not less people risk becoming a victim of an accident and getting injured. Passengers are also at risk, as the weight of a dog increases at times in case of an accident at a speed of even 40 km / h. Therefore, in many European countries, it is required by law that animals traveling in cars are kept in restraints.

However, a study conducted by Ford in November 2018 among 5,000 dog owners in Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Spain showed that 32% of owners do not protect their pets in a car enough because animals do not like safety measures. 31% of respondents admitted that they do not fasten pets for short distances. One out of every four of those surveyed who were carrying their dog freely in the car’s saloon admitted that at least once his pet was protruding from the window (26%). Some even replied that their animals jumped out of the car while driving, and in some cases this resulted in injury or even death of the dog. Respondents also said that they themselves were involved in accidents because they were distracted by dogs, or suddenly obscured by a review, or even bit them.

“If you have a pet, do not forget about its safety, as well as about the safety of any other family member,” says British dog trainer Graham Hall.