Ford has created a unique “anti-theft” for car wheels

Ford has created a unique “anti-theft” for car wheels

February 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Car owners often protect their property from theft, but sometimes the whole car may not be a victim of criminals – for example, only wheels can be removed from it under the tacit consent of the alarm. Using 3D printing, Ford has developed a new way to protect valuable castings from theft.

The company’s engineers have developed bolts for mounting wheels with a unique slot shape, which is created individually based on the voice of the driver. As a “layout”, a sound waveform is used, obtained when a car owner pronounces a phrase lasting more than one second. After creating the fastener kit, the customer receives a unique key of the same shape.

“This is one of the worst impressions for the driver when he discovers that his car is on bricks and all four wheels are removed. Some alloy wheels can cost thousands of dollars, but these unique mounts stop thieves. Improving wheel safety and providing greater personalization of the product is further evidence that 3D printing has become a watershed in automobile manufacturing, ”said Rafael Koch, an engineer at Ford Europe.

The bolts and wrench are made on a special 3D printer made of stainless steel. To prevent the impression from being taken, each fastener receives ribs and depressions that are unevenly located and gradually expanding inside the slot, so the wax applied to the bolt breaks when separated.