Ford GT, which the brand banned to sell, again put up for auction

Ford GT, which the brand banned to sell, again put up for auction

July 31, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Supercar Ford GT, which the manufacturer tried to withdraw from auction auction house Mecum in May, again put up for sale. The current owner paid two months ago for the car 1,815 million dollars and drove it only 2,4 kilometers.

The story involving the silver GT began in May, when Ford sued the court asking it to ban the sale of the supercar at the auction. The defendants were the auction house Mecum and then, but not the first, owner Michael Flynn. The reason for the company was the terms of the contract, which prohibit the sale of GT before the expiration of a two-year tenure. In addition, the manufacturer considered that the transaction could cause “irreparable harm” to the reputation of the brand.

Having examined the case materials, the court nevertheless decided to reject the temporary ban on the sale of a supercar by the manufacturer and conduct an auction.

In a similar situation hit the famous American wrestler John Cena. Ford accused him of violating the terms of the contract for the purchase of a Ford GT supercar and illegal resale. The company felt that because of the actions of the sportsman, the brand suffered significant reputational costs, which were valued at more than $ 75,000.