Ford, GM and Toyota together will create standards for autonomous cars

Ford, GM and Toyota together will create standards for autonomous cars

April 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Three automakers decided to unite to develop standards for the safety of autonomous vehicles. In the framework of cooperation AVSC, which will also include the engineering team of SAE International, they will share a lot of data.

Other details about the work of the group are disclosed only in general terms. So, it is reported only that Ford, General Motors and Toyota will work on new methods of “collecting, protecting and exchanging data necessary for the reconstruction of certain events”, and also improve the exchange of data obtained using sensors.

It is expected that this will accelerate the development of autonomous technologies and potentially save lives on the roads, as now the secrecy inherent in the development of technological projects only hinders.

Ford, General Motors and Toyota to date have invested heavily in the development of autonomous technologies. General Motors has created the Cruise company, under the management of which dozens of autonomous cars are already running in San Francisco. Ford has a similar company called Argo, which tests cars in Miami and is working on expanding their route to Washington.

Toyota generously funded its research center, which is currently working on a universal collision avoidance system. It is assumed that it can be installed in both conventional and autonomous cars. In addition, in August last year, Toyota invested $ 500 million in a project for autonomous driving Uber.