Ford Focus gearbox problems continue

Ford Focus gearbox problems continue

January 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

It turns out that the dealerships of the American automaker often behave badly with customers. In particular, they require money for a car breakdown, although in fact, all troubleshooting should be done under warranty.

It seems that more and more customers of the American brand are finally starting to talk about the many problems with their Ford Focus and the apparent lack of technical assistance from the automaker. An article in the American edition of Detroit Free Press, which came out a couple of days ago, talks about many warranty cases and the attitude of Ford dealership employees towards them. The latest story comes from an owner who acquired a 2016 Ford Focus from a local dealer and who had to replace the clutch five times in three years. The first clutch passed only 25,749.5 km.

There was even a time when Mark DaGrake, that is the name of the owner of the aforementioned Ford Focus, was “ordered” not to start a faulty car, because at that time the dealership did not accept the Focus model for service, which prompted him to drive his car in reverse to the house .

As a result, the car died out and could no longer move. Actually, this was the last straw, and even the dealership in which he bought it did everything possible to “remove” the car from the hands of Mr. Mark, selling it at a loss at auction. As a result, he received a Ford Escape crossover, for which he was issued a loan in the amount of $ 30,873.

 It is curious that in the aforementioned article of the American publication there are quite a few similar stories with attached emails and service bills, which many customers have shared, emphasizing the expensive costs of replacing parts that should be covered by the warranty.