Ford fireproof pickups will be repaired with foil

Ford fireproof pickups will be repaired with foil

December 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Nearly half a million Super Duty copies recalled in the United States, Mexico, and Canada due to fire hazard

Ford said the Super Duty pickup carpet is highly flammable – just one spark is enough. The company is aware of at least one case of vehicle fire due to a defect. As a result, the company recalls half a million cars, including 490,574 copies in the United States, 56,112 in Canada and 852 in Mexico.

The recall campaign will affect pickups sold from October 8, 2015 to October 29, 2019. It turned out that when the seat belt pretensioner is triggered, sparks can occur. This is fraught with fire carpet in the car.

The problem can be solved with the help of foil, which is recommended to isolate the danger zone in the area of ​​the central rack from sparks.

A few years ago, the same model was withdrawn due to a manufacturing error. Then it was reported that they forgot to install a metal collar of a fuel tank for eight thousand pickups at the plant. This threatened to damage the fuel tank, leak and fire.