Ford Expedition Convertible SUV

Ford Expedition Convertible SUV

January 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The price of this full-size SUV, called SeaScape and boasts an open rear, is $ 6,500

If you are looking for an unusual vehicle, look at this unique instance of the 1998 Ford Expedition full-size SUV. Named by its creators, SeaScape, it was created specifically for the 1998 SEMA Show and boasts “odd features” such as a tarp and hinged rear window. Most notably, this car is now priced at just $ 6,500.
According to the seller, “This truck was built by the tuning company Advanced Automotive Technologies from Detroit specifically for the SEMA exhibition. He won the contest “The best SUV based on the production model of Ford.”

The announcement also says the SUV is in good condition, including new tires and completely changed fluids. However, the air conditioner and heater need maintenance. This did not stop the owner from making long trips on this car, for example, showing it at various automobile events.

 It is reported that the new owner still needs to pay some attention to the car. The cover over the rear deck and the wood on the steps are fading. The upholstery also needs deep cleaning. Seller acknowledges this in the ad. “From a cosmetic point of view, love is needed – this is a 20-year-old tuned car, and it would be great to see how it returned to its former appearance.”

 With an open building part, this strange machine would probably be ideal for taking a bunch of people on a summer trip. In addition, you will definitely get a lot of rave reviews about your car – you can be sure that no one has ever seen such a performance of the Ford Expedition SUV.