Ford Evos has become a versatile SUV with an ultra-wide screen

Ford Evos has become a versatile SUV with an ultra-wide screen

April 19, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The new Ford Evos could be the new European Mondeo and the North American Fusion. The novelty looks like a wagon with a high seating position.

After months of rumors and spy shots, the Ford Evos SUV was shown at Auto Shanghai. It is a family car with blurred segments created as a mixture of a station wagon and an SUV. It represents the first Blue Oval product to be largely developed by a team in China. The assembly will be carried out by the joint venture Changan Ford.

It is an attractive 5-door car with a dashboard reminiscent of another Chinese model, the Equator SUV. The light bar above the grille is gradually becoming a design trend to create a visual connection between LED DRLs. Pull-out door handles are reminiscent of the Mustang Mach-E. The interior is very different from Ford’s current design, with a 1.1-meter ultra-wide screen.

The all-digital instrument cluster now has a total size of 12.3 inches and is complemented by a 4K touchscreen display in 27 inches. They are housed inside the same massive piece of glass, almost as wide as the dashboard. The infotainment software runs on a localized Ford SYNC + 2.0 with Baidu’s artificial intelligence technology and what the company calls a virtual personal assistant.

Evos supports wireless upgrades: the SUV will get better with future software versions without the need to deliver the car to the dealer.

Specifications remain a mystery, but the vehicle is expected to be sold worldwide with a hybrid powertrain. The Ford Evos is equipped with 19-inch wheels and has a two-tone body with a predominantly white finish combined with a black roof.

Ford will release more images at a later date as he has yet to reveal the rear end design or give details on the powertrain.

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