Ford electric cars will become even longer

Ford electric cars will become even longer

December 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American company has found a new way to save energy to increase the range of their cars. The theory was confirmed by practice, and now Ford electric cars have become even more economical.

American automaker Ford has developed a new way to save the energy of their cars on electric traction. To do this, engineers brought the Transit Smart Energy Concept minivan to the testing ground in Cologne, in which the background illumination was able to change the perception of temperature.

This experiment is based on a study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, according to which climate control systems could increase energy costs by 50%. It is reported that the largest amount of electricity is spent on maintaining a constant comfortable temperature. The company considered that influencing the climate control system with color would reduce the load on the heating and air conditioning system due to a change in temperature perception by this function.

 They decided to prove the theory by imitating a winter day with zero temperature and summer heat at 30 degrees Celsius, which can slightly “trick” the system by increasing the vehicle’s power reserve. Participants in the testing were asked to evaluate the level of comfort, and later compared the results. As it turned out later, using the backlight (the red color made us perceive the temperature in the cabin to be higher and the blue, on the contrary, low), it is possible to reduce the energy consumption of the air conditioner by 3.3 percent, and the heater – by 2.5 percent.

 The Transit Smart Energy Concept minivan was equipped not only with such a backlight, the experimental car is also equipped with solar panels to power a 12-volt battery and an air conditioner, a heating system for the interior with heat generated by the power plant, double glazing, an insulated rear part of the floor and a polycarbonate partition between the passenger door and the seats.