Ford drives innovation by revealing its secrets

Ford drives innovation by revealing its secrets

May 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The US company has presented data from several self-driving research vehicles to drive innovation in autonomous research.

This data set is aimed at the entire academic community and includes not only data from lidar and camera sensors, as well as GPS and trajectory information, but also unique elements, such as data about several vehicles and a 3D point cloud and ground reflective maps .

In addition, the data covers the whole year and includes seasonal variations and various types of environments throughout the Metro Detroit – sunny, cloudy and snowy days, freeways, tunnels, residential complexes and areas, airports, dense urban areas, as well as building and walking areas activity.

“Most datasets provide data from only one vehicle, but sensor information from two vehicles can help researchers explore completely new scenarios, especially when they collide with each other at different points on their respective routes. Right now, one vehicle has limited “vision” in terms of what it can see; You will notice that on some parts some parts are not painted because the car’s sensors could not penetrate these areas. But with several vehicles in one common area, it is possible that one will discover things that others simply cannot appreciate, potentially opening up new routes for communication with several vehicles, localization, perception, and route planning. ”

With this in mind, the kit includes high-resolution data and time stamps for a total of four LiDARs and seven conventional cameras. Meanwhile, accurate localization and confidence data allow researchers to see how accurate their algorithms are.

In addition to all this, Ford also provides the research community with access to high resolution 3D ground reflectance maps, which gives us insight into how these autonomous vehicles “see” the world around them.