Ford developed the sweaty drivers buttock simulator

Ford developed the sweaty drivers buttock simulator

January 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Now with the help of a simple device in the company are going to check the moisture resistance of the seats of all new models.

Ford is famous for its innovative developments, another invention – Robutt – a device that simulates the buttocks of a sweating motorist and thus makes it possible to check the moisture resistance of the seats.

Not always people who are actively involved in sports, have the opportunity to take a shower after a workout. It happens that a man made a run and immediately flopped down on a car seat in order to quickly get home. And what happens with the upholstery, if we take into account that a person plays sports regularly? The researchers tried to answer these questions using the Robutt device.

In just three days, the robot sits on the car seat 7,500 times, which is equivalent to ten years of use. It is based on the physiology of the average person: the pad of the robot heats up to 36 ° C and is soaked with 450 milliliters of water. First, the seat lab engineers at the Ford Cologne-Merkenich Design Center made sure that the materials that Ford uses for car seats withstand decades of mechanical wear. Now they decide to check what happens when we sit wet on them.

Software engineer Florian Rohver reported that Robutt helps develop car seats that look great even after many years of intensive use.

Robutt was tested for the first time in the development of the Ford Fiesta in 2018, but now with the help of the device they will test the seats on all European Ford models.