Ford came up with a “movie theater on wheels”

Ford came up with a “movie theater on wheels”

August 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company has patented technology that turns the car into a mobile projector

An application from Ford appeared in the database of the American Patent Office: the document contains sketches demonstrating the operation of a video projector built into the luggage door. Drive contacted a brand representative to find out if such an option could actually appear on production models.

The pictures show a crossover, in the lower often of the tailgate of which a video projector is built-in. When the door is raised, it transmits the image to a screen mounted next to the machine. The technology has an obvious drawback: firstly, the entire “session” of the car must be standing with open luggage racks, and secondly, when the door is constantly opened and closed, the video projector may be damaged.

Ford said the patent application is standard practice for automakers. The fact that such a technology is being developed does not guarantee that it will be implemented and will appear on production cars.

This is not the first such patent from Ford. Back in 2017, the F-150 “portable entertainment support system for pickups” was registered. It is a combination of speakers that are mounted on the sides of the cargo platform, racks on which the screen is stretched, and a projector mounted on a special beam.

This is another possible option for watching movies or playing sports outdoors.