Ford built “Weather Factory” for testing cars

Ford built “Weather Factory” for testing cars

May 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Ford revealed details about the “Weather Factory” – the climate center of the brand in Germany, where they conduct testing of cars in different weather conditions. To build a test site equipped with the world’s first wind tunnel, capable of simulating a height difference of up to 5200 meters, Ford spent 70 million euros.

In total, the Center has three wind tunnels and four temperature chambers. The first pipe is designed to detect the effects of sudden temperature changes. It is equipped with 28 floodlights totaling 4000 watts, simulating the sun’s rays. With their help check how quickly the car interior is cooled.

Also, the pipe is designed to assess the noise of the heating and air conditioning system when the temperature, humidity level and vehicle speed change.

In the second wind tunnel, the engineers of the company assess how visibility and visibility change during a heavy snow or rain. In addition, there also check the speed of warming up the cabin and the ability to start the engine in severe weather conditions.

In the wind tunnel number three, the working capacity of the car systems is checked at a wind speed of up to 120 kilometers per hour and altitude differences up to 5200 meters (at this altitude the northern base camp of Everest is located), reliability of hoses and power unit is estimated.

According to the manager of the Climate Center Michael Step, engineers here can find out how windshield wipers work under Arctic conditions, how the engine’s characteristics change in the heat and how much snow falls on the driver’s head when he leaves the car in the winter.