Ford Bronco will receive a wide variety of accessories

Ford Bronco will receive a wide variety of accessories

September 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Already at the start of sales of the revived American SUV Ford Bronco, customers will have access to a wide variety of accessories from Yakima – bike racks, power bumpers, a tent, etc.

Yakima is known for a long time developing and manufacturing accessories for the Ford Ranger compact pickup truck and the Ford Explorer mid-size crossover. Now there is evidence that these same guys have already begun to create additional accessories for a new generation of off-road legend of the last century – we are talking about Ford Bronco. The car will probably go on sale no earlier than 2021.

How can a third-party company begin to develop various accessories for a model that has not yet been officially unveiled? The fact is that Yakima has a business relationship with Ford – as mentioned above, tuning studio specialists developed accessories for the Ranger pickup truck. Thus, when the revived Bronco SUV gets into dealerships of the American brand, customers will immediately have access to a large selection of various additional options, such as bike racks, tent, etc. This information has not yet been officially confirmed.

Considering the fact that Ford Bronco will become a direct competitor to another American Jeep Wrangler SUV, which is also known to customers for its huge selection of accessories, Ford needs to take care of the availability of various additional options for its model to meet the needs of customers.

It is unclear whether Yakima’s designs will be offered for the so-called Bronco baby – a smaller version of the SUV. This car, which is rumored to be designated the Bronco Sport, is based on the new compact crossover Escape (Kuga). It is reported that the debut of the “baby” will be held early next year.