Ford Bronco Sport wins Rebelle Off-Road Rally

Ford Bronco Sport wins Rebelle Off-Road Rally

October 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An official press release reveals that the Bronco Sport SUV has won the Rebelle Rally, an off-road competition for women. It was separately noted that the car was completely in stock (fully factory) condition.

Ford has yet to start selling the revived Bronco Sport SUV, but it has already won its first victory with it. In an official press release, Bronco Sport was able to win its class at the fifth Rebelle Rally, an off-road competition for women that starts at Lake Tahoe in Nevada, USA and ends at Imperial Sand Dunes in California.

“Just completing the Rebelle is an impressive feat – we are proud of all three Bronco Sport teams,” said Marc Gruber, Brand Marketing Manager for Bronco.

“Our Bronco Sport SUV is suitable for both experienced professionals and newcomers to the off-road world. This car is a real off-road vehicle and you can win victories in rally races on it, ”he added.

The 2021 Bronco Sport was also able to win the X-Cross class at the Rebelle Rally. The car was driven by professional driver Shelby Hall and experienced navigator Penny Dale. Having traveled several thousand kilometers off-road in the Nevada and California desert, they, like the rest of the race, relied on antiquated compass and map navigation.

There were three Ford Bronco Sport appearances in the Rebelle Rally. In addition to Hall and Dale’s winning performance, the second Bronco Sport crew finished in fifth place. The third Bronco Sport followed sixth place, piloted by enthusiasts Elana Sherr and Betsy Anderson.

Ford will begin delivering the Bronco Sport later this year after starting production of the model later this month.

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