Ford Bronco Sport will be banned from towing

Ford Bronco Sport will be banned from towing

September 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Although the sports version is also marketed as an off-road model, it suffers from one drawback.

The new Ford Bronco Sport crossover cannot be towed in the absence of partial or even full loading. This is reported by the Muscle Cars & Trucks agency. Improper towing can lead to damage or complete failure of the transmission.

Note that the classic version of the Bronco crossover does not have this feature. It is about no towing when the Bronco Sport is on the ground and the wheels are spinning. The off-road version of the Bronco solves this problem by using the gearbox in neutral.

In the case of the Bronco Sport, the neutral position of the transmission will only be available in the complete set with automatic transmission, however, the risk of breakage cannot be completely excluded here either.

Problems can occur with components that require lubrication.
Ford officials have already commented on this information – they said that such a towing option for the Bronco Sport was not initially provided.

Meanwhile, Ford has shared data on the statistics of orders for the new Bronco SUV. Ford believes 75% of all refundable orders will be converted into sales. Recall that the first batch of new cars will roll off the assembly line in early spring 2021.