Ford Bronco equipped with floor drain holes

Ford Bronco equipped with floor drain holes

October 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new SUV received ten water drain holes

The interior of the revived Ford Bronco, in some trim levels, is equipped with ten drain holes, necessary for washing the interior with water from a hose.

So that the SUV can be used for its intended purpose, according to the Ford Authority, the new Ford Bronco was equipped with drainage holes in the floor. As you know, the roof and doors of the car are removed, which exposes the interior to intense dirt. It will be easier to clean thanks to the water drain holes directly in the floor. Bronco has 10 of them – four active and six passive. A competitor, the Jeep Wrangler, also has a similar function.

On the Bronco, drainage holes are found on the Black Diamond and Badlands, which also feature moisture-resistant vinyl upholstered seats with a rubberized floor that is easy to clean with a hose. Ford has also fitted rubber seals to each dial and button on the bezel to improve durability in wet conditions. Although prototypes of the revived Bronco are already rolling off the assembly line, mass production will not begin until March-April 2021.