Ford Big Nugget Introduces Van Caring Transit Van Concept

Ford Big Nugget Introduces Van Caring Transit Van Concept

September 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Ford introduced the Transit Big Nugget van concept at the Caravan Show in 2019.

Ford previously worked with Westfalia van specialists. The Transit Big Nugget is based on a third-generation Transit van. The Big Nugget concept was developed by Westfalia. The interior space is 2.05 meters high with a volume of 13 cubic meters.

The model is based on a long wheel frame with a high roof, like the Transit model. Tourists can fully use the extra space. Four compartments include a living / dining room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen-dining room. The front seats can be positioned to increase living space.

In the middle of the car is a built-in toilet, washbasin and shower. Inside the campsite, a complete living set is installed, including a gas stove and a freezer. Behind the campsite is a bedroom with a two-meter bed, designed for two adults.

The campaign has not yet decided which engine to install on the Transit Big Nugget. Most likely one or more 2-liter EcoBlue turbodiesel power units will be available. The new model will debut in Europe in 2020.