Ford Announces selfdriving Vehicle

Ford Announces selfdriving Vehicle

August 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Ford has published a 44-page document entitled “A Matter of Trust”, which contains information and images about the first serial unmanned vehicle of the American brand. The automaker plans to bring autonomous vehicles to the roads in 2021.

The car will be equipped with a sensor that tracks its exact location with GPS data and a high-precision map of the area. The laser rangefinder LiDAR, working in a range of 360 degrees, helps to orient oneself on the road and creates a three-dimensional picture of the surrounding space. Plus, the UAV is equipped with a complex complex of radars and cameras that track both static and moving objects.

The serial car will receive the autopilot of the fourth level. This means that the novelty can completely move independently in certain areas under normal weather conditions. The car is provided with external controls, so the car can be controlled manually.

In Ford noted that the company at the initial stage does not plan to sell drones to individuals. Cars will be used in the systems of ridersharing, and also serve in goods delivery services.

In the document “A Matter of Trust”, Ford is trying to dispel public fears over unmanned vehicles, which intensified after the deadly incident with the self-contained Uber car. So, the automaker claims that the massive use of such technologies would help save a significant part of the lives of 37 thousand people killed in road accidents in the US in 2017.