Ford announced the release of a new Mustang-based crossover

Ford announced the release of a new Mustang-based crossover

October 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Some time ago, Ford spoke of the revival of the Mustang Mach 1 as an electric crossover. This idea – whatever the name may be – was not liked by almost everyone who was even remotely interested in Mustang’s legacy. The company changed course to a name, but not an idea, and now we have the first hint of how this new proposal will look in a short video teaser and the official image of the line from Ford. The video was first published on, after which Ford posted it on social networks and on its website. The 22-second video shows close-ups of a full-size clay model and a sketch of the line of the future SUV.

The date 11-17-19 basically confirms when this new crossover will be announced, which, incidentally, is a Sunday afternoon, when the press days are held at the Los Angeles Auto Show. We contacted Ford about this video because we could not find it on the official Blue Oval channels, and the company confirmed that it was a legitimate teaser. We were also sent a high-resolution version of the line sketch, which you can see at the top of the article, along with the promise that more information will appear soon.

What do we know about this crossover at the moment? Unfortunately, not much, except that it is based on the Mustang and that this will be Ford’s first all-electric offering, built from the ground up to become an electric car. Ford was in no hurry to enter the electric realm, but a teaser sketch definitely shows what looks like an attractive offer in the exploding crossover market. Mustang’s influence is easy to see, and if we can take a minute to boast, it’s not too far from the exclusive visualizations we have created in the last year or so.

As for the name, Ford was careful to say based on the Mustang in those few cases for which the EV crossover theme came up. In addition, Mach-E may be a candidate, as we have already heard, mentioned from time to time. It seems unlikely that the Blue Oval will revive an older nameplate such as Maverick or Falcon.

In any case, we will get a complete picture no later than November 17 about what can be an attractive, sporting offer in the growing EV crossover market.