Ford and Volvo to team up to avoid large EU fine

Ford and Volvo to team up to avoid large EU fine

October 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Ford enters into an agreement with Volvo to avoid a so-called carbon penalty from the European Union for not meeting its CO2 reduction target. Without the help of a partner, the American automaker will not be able to meet these requirements.

In turn, the Swedish automaker, commenting on the deal, indicated that the proceeds from this agreement will be reinvested in new projects related to environmentally friendly transport. So the cooperation promises to be mutually beneficial.

Overall, Volvo has managed not only to achieve the required emission reduction targets, but also to exceed these stringent standards. Ford could have pulled up on CO2 emissions this year, but with the Kuga PHEV withdrawn from the sale and its subsequent recall, these plans are no longer destined to come true.

This kind of collaboration between automakers to minimize CO2 emissions is welcomed in the EU.

Such a partnership is already practiced by Volkswagen and MG, and Fiat Chrysler decided to seek help from Tesla.

Earlier it became known that the British company Jaguar Land Rover could be fined millions of dollars for exceeding the standards for CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The problem arose due to the transfer of production of cars with hybrid motors, which now does not allow to fit into the standards.