Ford and Volkswagen to announce strategic alliance in January 2019

Ford and Volkswagen to announce strategic alliance in January 2019

December 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Insiders close to the top Ford and Volkswagen announced the imminent announcement of a strategic alliance of the two corporations. According to preliminary information, the news will be announced as early as January 2019.

Independent sources, insiders and foreign experts are surely certain, although there hasn’t been official confirmation yet, of a soon strategic alliance between Ford and Volkswagen. According to the latest information, the management of the two concerns will announce the start of cooperation in January 2019. The details are not yet known, and it is reported that all segments and methods of the strategic alliance are being worked out.

At the time of the first rumors, it was believed that the partnership of the two giants would not go further than creating a joint line of commercial vehicles and pickups. It was assumed that Amarok will receive a ladder-type frame platform from Ranger. Mahindra also negotiates a potential partnership with Ford, which may include Volkswagen. The Indian manufacturer will help both sides in the Indian market, which is difficult to conquer with the help of Western ideologies.

 Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diss confirmed last week that “we are in fairly advanced negotiations and dialogue with Ford to truly create a global automotive alliance.” US President Donald Trump also attended the meeting, along with Daimler AG CEO Dieter Zetsche.

In the future, the global alliance may lead to inter-brand unification of cars, as well as the construction of new plants. But the details will be known later, and only from official sources.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen certainly sees its future and the future of the entire automotive industry in the electrified segment. However, he does not believe that ICE can be buried.