Ford and Volkswagen partnership will not include electric cars

Ford and Volkswagen partnership will not include electric cars

February 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A month ago, as part of the Detroit auto show, Ford and Volkswagen announced a global partnership for the development of commercial vehicles, at the same time talking about possible general plans for the development of electric vehicles. Apparently, plans will have to be adjusted.

A regular meeting of the official representatives of the two companies will take place soon, within which the discussion of the partnership issue will continue, but according to insider information, it will not concern the field of electric and autonomous vehicles.

According to Ford’s global marketing president, Jim Farley, companies differ in their views on these industries as “about the differences between snowboarding and skiing.”

Volkswagen pays great attention to the production of mass electric cars. The concern has allocated more than 50 billion dollars to launch more than 50 all-electric models by 2025.

According to Matthew Renn, vice president of North America for VW, their cars are “for millions, not millionaires,” while Ford’s electrification program was originally aimed at commercial and high-performance cars.

Given all this, it is unclear whether VW and Ford will be able to secure a partnership that goes beyond their original plans for the production of commercial vehicles. However, Ford said in a statement that negotiations are continuing, and companies are willing to share updates in many areas.