Ford and McDonald’s create coffee husk plastic

Ford and McDonald’s create coffee husk plastic

December 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Ford and McDonald’s corporations launched a joint project for the production of polymer composites from the husks of coffee beans obtained by roasting. Materials will be used to create different elements of the interior and engine compartment.

The results of a study conducted by Ford showed that coffee husk is an excellent material for reinforcing plastics. Before it was thrown away, or used as fertilizer, but now they have found its application in the automotive industry. The technology is simple: the raw material is heated to a high temperature in a low-oxygen environment, mixed with polymer and other additives, and as a result granules come out, which can be used for molding parts.

  As noted in Ford, the “coffee” composite meets the requirements for materials for headlight housings that make up the interior and engine compartment. Such elements are 25% lighter than simple ones and their production requires 20% less energy. The biopolymer even has better thermal properties than existing models.

 Ford will supply raw materials to McDonald’s. And the goal of the project will be to approach the closed-loop economy, in other words, economic activity, in particular, based on waste recycling.

Also recently, the Ford Territory crossover was again called the bestseller of the brand. This car was built on the platform of the Chinese JMC Yusheng S330.