Ford and Chevy dealers met in an advertising battle

Ford and Chevy dealers met in an advertising battle

March 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It is very funny when one famous brand openly criticizes another.

A rather curious photo appeared on the Men’s Humor page on the social networking site Facebook, which depicts a pair of large roadside billboards. At the top of the post was a simple inscription: “I look forward to the continuation of this advertising battle.”

 We assume that the advertisement from Ford was released first, since it was in her that criticisms appeared in the direction of Chevrolet pickups.

Chevy advertising, in turn, is quite specific and really very well done. We are not on the side of any company. In fact, this is just a “feud” of two dealers, and they are relatively close to each other. Both are located in Ravenel, South Carolina, and are just a couple of miles apart.

  By the way, billboard advertising is not cheap – printing a canvas costs hundreds of dollars, and renting a billboard can easily amount to thousands. If we assume that the Ford billboard came out first, then someone from the staff of the nearest Chevy salon had to pay a considerable amount of money in order to recoup. This post from Men’s Humor is currently scored 62,000 reposts and more than 2,700 comments. It’s safe to say that this small advertising war is officially viral.

  Now the question for a million dollars: what the guys from the Ravenel Ford dealership will answer. Perhaps the nearest Dodge dealer will enter the game, praising your pickup truck Ram against the competition.

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