Ford Aerostar minivan made “tank” for the apocalypse

Ford Aerostar minivan made “tank” for the apocalypse

August 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Ford Aerostar was the first minivan of the American automaker. The history of the car dates back to 1986, and at the same time does not lose its popularity among Americans. It was this car that was taken as the basis for a bold tuning project.

On the American online site Racing Junk, they are looking for a new owner for the Ford Aerostar minivan, which, through the efforts of enthusiasts, turned into a real mini-tank.

Despite the very harsh design, the tracked all-terrain vehicle cannot be denied in its original design: stylish colors, sports seats, metal decor, etc.

To make a tank out of a minivan, the craftsmen had to work hard. The standard chassis was replaced with tracks with five support “wheels” each. To do this, the lower part of the Ford Aerostar had to be removed right down to the door handles.

This upgrade left the doors without hinges, rendering them useless. I had to look for another way to get into the salon of a minivan “disguised” as a tank. The body was secured at the rear so that it could fold back like a conventional car hood.

Inside the formidable Ford Aerostar are sport bucket seats with bright red racing seat belts, as well as special sensors for the powertrain. The steering wheel is replaced by control levers. Sheets of aluminum were used to finish the floor, and there was a place for a fire extinguisher next to the engines. The unusual transport is set in motion by a pair of Chevrolet V8 engines of 9.4 liters with a capacity exceeding the mark of 1,400 hp.

This copy is estimated at 105 thousand dollars

Meanwhile, Toyota Supra has acquired a tuning version from Japanese masters. Tuning studio Blitz has worked on the appearance of “Supra”, and the entire upgrade was tested for aerodynamics. This was done in order not to harm the handling and speed of the car.