Ford accused of selling faulty PowerShift transmissions

Ford accused of selling faulty PowerShift transmissions

October 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

When it comes to PowerShift, it’s hard to ignore the number of problems associated with the dual-clutch transmission in the Fiesta and Focus.

Even a simple search on the Internet leads to disturbing information, which includes criticism about “rude launches and the lack of smooth switching”. Over the years, Blue Oval has released updated versions of the software to solve these widespread problems, but nonetheless, this was not enough.

The biggest problem with the DPS-6 was that Ford was selling cars with a six-speed DCT, “despite the fact that he knew that the transmission was not fixed.” It is known that fraud charges will be brought against the automaker at the end of the month and then Ford will be brought to justice.

“The jury will decide whether the oldest American automobile manufacturer committed fraud by selling millions of Ford Fiesta and Focus models from 2011 to 2016,” knowing about these problems that affect the transmission with a ridiculously low mileage. Blue Oval knows that the 2011 DPS-6 is so bad that a car can lose all its power when driving on the highway at high speed.

Back in July 2018, a jury in Los Angeles awarded $ 554,000 in damages to the owner, who accused Ford of “fraudulently selling Focus with DPS-6, even though he knew the transfer was unfixed.” In other words, Ford Motor lied to the customer.

The proof that the manufacturer is aware of the problem is that when selling the new owners Focus 2014–2016 and Fiesta 2014–2015. extended warranty service was offered, which now extends for seven years or 160,000 mileage, unlike the original factory warranty for 5 years or 100,000 mileage.