Forbidden to sell Ford GT again put up for auction

Forbidden to sell Ford GT again put up for auction

August 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The current owner wants to sell a supercar because of problems with his back

California dealer New Auto will once again put up for sale a supercar Ford GT, formerly owned by the wrestler John Cena. Because of him, Ford sued the athlete, accusing him of illegally reselling the car, demanded the return of the supercar, and also provide all the documents for the transaction. Only two months ago the dispute was settled.

According to the director of the dealer center Bernie Knows, the current owner of the Ford GT – a 78-year-old farmer from California – wants to sell the car, because he can not go on it anymore. The man began to have problems with his back a year after buying a supercar, and now he is not able to even sit down.

The seller of the Ford GT is described as a very rich man. Knaus says that he can afford any car on the market – from Pagani to the classic Ferrari 250 GTO. However, Ford prefers: in its collection there are pick-up trucks F-Series and GT of the 2005 model.

As for John Cena, Ford demanded from the wrestler 75 thousand dollars in compensation for reputational costs, compensation of legal costs and return of illegal profits from the sale of supercar.

In another case about the resale of Ford GT, the court took the side of the owner of the car and canceled the temporary ban on the implementation of transactions.