For the new Toyota Supra presented the next “package” upgrade

For the new Toyota Supra presented the next “package” upgrade

March 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The guys from the tuning company Tra-Kyoto presented the renders of their vision of what a new generation Toyota Supra coupe should be.

Despite the ambiguous reaction from many lovers of the legendary Japanese coupe Toyota Supra of previous generations, the new version of the model is already enjoying quite good popularity. In fact, all European quotas for 2019 are already sold out, and the company will soon begin to accept orders for 2020.

A completely new generation of Supra is a great opportunity for various tuning companies to start working, working on creating various modifications of this car. Among them was the Japanese tuning company Tra-Kyoto. The guys released the first renderings of their new project and a video that shows what Pandem Supra is – exactly that was the decision to call the modernized car.

The combination of a Japanese sports car and a tuning company from Japan can only mean one thing – an outrageous appearance.

Super wide body kit, large fixed spoiler, stance style suspension and custom wheels. All of these ingredients are part of the Tra-Kyoto project, plus a few extra diffusers and a more expressive exhaust system.

Obviously, this is only the initial phase of the development process, since we are still dealing with computer drawings. The tuner does not provide the exact date for the presentation of its “package” of improvements, and we assume that it will take at least several months.

  “There are no details yet … Please be prepared for future updates,” says the official Rocket Bunny channel on Instagram. Well, we will wait.