For the new generation coupe Toyota Supra presented tuning project

For the new generation coupe Toyota Supra presented tuning project

February 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Tuning atelier from California began work on a “package” of improvements for Toyota Supra follow-generation. The car will receive a Japanese engine 2JZ.

The long-awaited receiver of the legendary Japanese sports car has not even gone on sale yet, and various tuning studios are already starting to prepare various “packages” of modifications for it. One of these companies is CX Racing.

After more than a decade of waiting for the appearance of a completely new generation of Japanese sports coupe Toyota Supra, the car was finally shown last month at the Detroit auto show. Various automotive experts have already managed to criticize the Supra engine. I note that the engineers of the company selected a row “six” with a turbocharging power of 335 horsepower. The fact is that the novelty did not receive the engine from Toyota – instead, it was decided to install a BMW engine.

Apparently, the guys from the Californian tuning studio CX Racing didn’t like the decision of the Toyota designers, and so they decided to equip the sports coupe with the good old 2JZ.

A couple of minutes ago, they posted on their Facebook page a photo of a new Supra with a 2JZ engine under the hood, and they also said that a complete set of improvements for pre-order would soon be ready.

It is noteworthy that in the comments, many people note that the German engine in the fifth-generation Supra, which is also used in the Bavarian BMW Z4 roadster, is not a powerful engine. We are talking about a 3.0-liter unit at 382 hp And many took the idea of ​​installing 2JZ positively.

Toyota Supra new generation accelerates to the first hundred in 4.1 seconds, the maximum engine power is 335 hp