For sale a plane with a motor from Porsche 911

For sale a plane with a motor from Porsche 911

July 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

For 140 thousand Canadian dollars you can buy not only a personal airplane, but also a little-known piece of the history of the famous brand.

This aircraft named Mooney M20L PFM was born in 1988. The rotation of its screw meets the six-cylinder boxer engine with a capacity of 3.2 liters with air cooling. Familiar design? Exactly so: this is a motor developed at Porsche specifically for light aviation based on the “six” of the then 911.

In the 80s of the last century, a special division of the company called Porsche Flugmotoren was engaged in this. The PFM series motors were considered one of the most advanced in this area due to the simplified control system and high power density. However, they were heavier and larger than competitors, which negatively affected the layout and aerodynamics of the aircraft, and had some problems with cooling.

In 1991, Porsche left this segment of the engine market, closing the project and even stopping the production of spare parts: in total, the company managed to produce, according to some reports, about 80 aircraft engines. Some of them found application on Mooney aircraft of the M20L model, where the oppoznitnik developed about 210 hp. True, Americans collected Porsche engines only a little over a year, abandoning them in favor of the turbocharged and more powerful Lycoming engines.

An airplane put up for sale on one of the marketplaces is still quite suitable for flights. The seller noted that he flew in only 400 hours after the engine was overhauled, so that the potential buyer has about three more of these periods before the moment when the problem of lack of spare parts becomes acute.

True, for the amount in which the aircraft is priced, you can buy a new Porsche 911 – but it will not be able to fly. A reminder of the connection of the aircraft with the company from Zuffenhausen will be seats from a sports car, which the owner of the aircraft installed in the cabin.