For owners of Mustangs Chevrolet will make Camaro cheaper

For owners of Mustangs Chevrolet will make Camaro cheaper

August 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Chevrolet decided to take a small trick and offered Ford Mustang owners a discount of $ 2,500 for the purchase of a Camaro model.

Chevrolet sports car sales in the US market have been so bad lately that even the traditional outsider Dodge Challenger turned out to be more popular than the Camaro in the first quarter of the year. Therefore, the company decided to cheat a little and offered to give a discount of $ 2,500 to each owner of the bestseller of the market, Ford Mustang, who wants to transfer to Camaro.

Given the discount, the cost of a Chevrolet sports car will be $ 23,495 – compared with the Mustang, the car gets an advantage of $ 3,175. But on the condition that many buyers note a decrease in finish quality and a much less impressive dynamics compared to the Mustang, this trick is unlikely to work.

The future of the Camaro model is now “on the pencil” with the leadership of the brand. The sixth generation in 2018 showed the worst sales indicator in the history of the revived model, and the overall dynamics as a whole more and more goes into negative indicators.

In this regard, the marketing department of the General Motors concern took special control of the sports car sales by the end of the year – if demand for the car does not grow until January, the management will most likely decide to discontinue the Camaro.

According to insiders, the top management of the brand now does not see the future for a sports car, but still decided to give it the last chance. If the sales situation does not change for the better, Camaro can be removed from the assembly line already in 2023.