For fans of Formula-1 released an exclusive elite perfume

For fans of Formula-1 released an exclusive elite perfume

December 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Next year, a new line of perfumes from Designer Parfums, consisting of three scents, will be on sale.

Now fans of the legendary Formula-1 races will be able to enjoy a unique aroma. The championship organizers decided to release their own line of smells as part of a new brand of toilet water. Three fragrances have been developed in collaboration with the British perfume house Designer Parfums. According to perfumers, each fragrance will be associated with races and evoke pleasant memories.

Three fragrances got quite extravagant names: Agile Embrace (“Quick Hugs”), Fluid Symmetry (“Liquid Symmetry”) and Compact Suspension (“Compact Suspension”). In addition, Formula 1 will not stop at three premium and limited aromas. After the sale of the entire batch, a more massive line of aromas from five different types will be released.

Now anyone can smell like Formula-1. In addition, under the brand of “Royal Racing” there are many products, but mostly these are various clothes and accessories.