For 10 years, Mercedes can kill Smart and create its own MINI.

For 10 years, Mercedes can kill Smart and create its own MINI.

October 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

As part of the active development of the Mercedes model line, as well as the active development of electric cars, the concern may abandon the Smart brand, and instead create its own MINI style line.

According to preliminary information, Renault can completely withdraw from the partnership with Mercedes-Benz for the production of Smart models. Most likely this will happen when the life cycle of the ForFour and Twingo models ends. Apparently, the German brand will kill Smart, but it will also introduce a replacement.

Unfortunately, there is no official information yet, but it is likely that the current head of the Daimler group, Ola Calenius, may decide to launch his own line of models that will become competitors to the Audi A1 and MINI. And the cars will be released on the basis of its own platform.

According to rumors, the novelty will be built on a fully modular and scalable platform, now known under the code name MX1. This platform will serve as the basis for future Mercedes-Benz models and will support the BEV, PHEV and ICE powertrains.

The release of new models, as well as the closure of the Smart brand, can occur as early as 2025-2026.